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I have been a computer programmer, a business analyst, a songwriter, a music producer, a recording artist, a runner, a ski bum, a climber, a dancer, an aerobics instructor and a sailor.

Now, I am a music educator, an entrepreneur, a performer, tennis and basketball player, a walker, wife, mother, traveler, Band-in-a-Box lover, bridge player, dog lover and a snow skier.

I was born in Zimbabwe in 1964 and now live in Johannesburg South Africa.

This is my personal website. I also have several other websites and apps. is a membership program with access to an online database of thousands of my karaoke-style play-along videos and hundreds of my personal Band-in-a-Box SGU files with chords and lyrics. There is also an IOS and Android “Playiit” app. All the Play-along videos are available for free on my YouTube channel. New songs are added every week. is also a membership program for Band-in-a-Box users. It provides access to my personal SGU files. There is also an IOS and Andoid “Band-in-a-Box-files” app. You can view video versions of the backing tracks on this YouTube channel. New files are added every week. is an A.I.-assisted songwriting tool. There is also an IOS and Android LyricLab app. LyricLab also has a free version,  called LyricLabLite which can be accessed from the website or by downloading the free IOS and/or Android Apps.

I love hearing from other musicians, educators, and entrepreneurs. In fact, I love hearing from anyone. You can email me directly at


About Joanne Cooper

I am Joanne Cooper, a singer-songwriter and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I aim to bring the joy back into making music for singers, musicians, teachers, students, and songwriters, no matter what the level of expertise, by providing auto-accompaniment software (Band-in-a-Box) as well as guitar play-along videos, songbooks and chords and lyric charts. I have been a dedicated Band-in-a-Box user since 2012 and have produced hundreds of songs, both covers, and originals using this unique tool

After working and socializing with literally hundreds of musicians I've found that most artists, students and teachers don't need more ideas - they need help fully implementing these ideas so that they can move the needle in their musical growth.

As a reseller of this wonderful product, I will share my strategies, workflow, and expertise that I have gained over the last twelve years and hundreds of songs and have seen work time-and-time again with other musicians just like you. You will learn how to use Band-in-a-Box and stay on track to achieve your musical goal.

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