Recording my Adele Hello Cover video

I have received a request to explain exactly about how I went about recording my Adele cover video. The video is here:

I am going to be doing a Periscope (anybody hear of this?) on this and will probably put it on Youtube so I will keep you posted.

First I make a very basic backing track using Band in a Box (wonderful product Then I make a "karaoke" type scrolling lyrics thingy with the chords typed in (so I don't waste time messing up the chords and lyrics). I use a program called Karaoke CD+G Creator from Power Karaoke.

I set up an HD camcorder on a tripod directly behind the screen of my laptop and plug in my Samsun Meteor USB mic into the laptop. For this video I was wearing one Shure over the ear headphone but it was not ideal because the cable wasn't really long enough. I recorded the vocals and guitar using Realband on my laptop. Realband can display CDG files, which is great. I simultaneously pressed record on the camcorder.

Then I mixed the song in Realband. I then imported the final mixed wav file and raw video footage into my video editing program which is NCH Videopad. I then lined up the vocals from the mixed track with the vocals on the video and muted the video audio track and there you have it.

From one of the comments on the video I learned that I was not looking into the camera enough so next time I am going to do the following:  Make an mp3 of the backing with loads of "white" time in the font to give me time to get in place. Copy the mp3 and CDG file to the phone (I have a program on my iphone that can play these files), mount the phone on the tripod just above or below the camera. Plug the headphones into the iphone and play the CDG +MP3 (I will need a long cable for my headphones). Record the vocals and guitar into Audacity via my USB mic. Record the video using my Camcorder. I will then have the vocals recorded seperately on a track and all I will have to do is import it into Realband and line up correctly and then mix in Realband. Line up the track with the video.