Broadcasting from Streetjelly

I often get asked about my setup for broadcasting on Streetjelly here is a short explanation.

I tend to mix my shows between "acoustic" and "back tracks". For the acoustic shows, I just use a cheapish USB Microphone, plugged straight into a USB port on my HP Desktop computer. The microphone is a Samsun Meteor and it cost about R1200 (about $110). The only downside of this is that I haven't found an easy way to put effects (such as reverb) so the sound is a little "dry". I did mess around with a "virtual mixer" but found that there was a delay between the video and the sound. So I gave up fiddling with that as a bad job. 

Before going live I always check the sound by plugging some head phones into the headphone mini jack on my desktop, playing and singing a few bars and listening to what it sounds like on SJ.

Using this setup is a really great way to broadcast from a live venue (such a folk club) because you can just take your laptop and microphone along, plug in the mic, point it in the general direction of the performer (s) and (as long as there is good Wifi) you are good to go.

When I perform with backtracks I have a slightly more complex set up. I have a trusty old Yamaha Stagepass 300 mixer that I use for live gigs. It has a RCA plug "board out" . I simply plug the "board out" straight into the mini microphone jack on my desk top computer. I then plug my vocal microphone (it is a Rode M3 condenser microphone) into one of the channels on the mixer, my guitar into another and then either my laptop or my phone (with the backtracks on) into another channel. Before going live, I check the sound on SJ by plugging some head phones into my computer, playing a song and checking what it sounds like. While the performance is going on, I wear some over the ear head phones plugged into the mixer through which I can hear the back tracks and also monitor the mix. 

If anybody has any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post your comments below.