Apple Music

How many of you guys have tried Apple Music yet? I must tell you that I am very impressed with it. Then again, maybe we have been starved of good streaming services in South Africa. Anyway, it is my first real experience of streaming and I just love it. 
Here are a couple of good things about the service: 

  1. You have streaming access to all of iTunes music library. Obviously some of your favourites may NOT be on iTunes but this is far outweighed by the number of artists who are on iTunes. I was researching some Beatles songs and was surprised to find their stuff is missing. 
  2. Albums, singles, playlists, videos and radio stations are all nicely presented. I know that you can stream for free on Youtube but I find it much easier to find out “everything” about an artist via Apple Music. 
  3. It is fully integrated with your iPhone. If you love your iPhone and you love your music, the chances are you will enjoy Apple Music. 
  4. You can stream music “offline”. This means that you choose to save a song to play when you don’t have access to WiFi. I think they have some fancy software that will tell them which songs you streamed while you were offline so that the artists can be compensated. I am also pretty certain that as soon as you stop paying your subscription, those offline songs will disappear. You are probably restricted to the amount of space you have available on the iPhone as to how many songs you can store offline. 
  5. The “radio” station feature is very nice. If you find an artist that you like, you may find that they have a radio station. You can tune into this station and pick up the artist’s own selection of music. I am currently listening to Gary Barlow’s and the Vamp’s radio stations (courtesy of my teenage daughter).Note to self; find out how to start my own radio station. I would love it if every song I marked with a “like” would be automatically added to my radio station. 
  6. Gone are all the headaches of trying to manage a very large collection of music on my computer. I don’t have to worry about where it is stored (and whether I have access to where it is stored) whether it is backed up, how much disk space it is taking up and how many hours it will take to reinstall my library of music onto a new computer. 
  7. Lastly, a big advantage of Apple Music is that artists are getting paid. I know it is not much BUT up and coming artists must ask themselves whether they would ever have even got that crucial “listen” if it wasn’t for Apple Music. As artists we can choose to moan about the pittance that Apple is paying out or we can choose to embrace the new technology. Sure, Taylor Swift probably doesn’t need streaming but unsigned and unheard of up-and-coming artists need every listen they can get and if we are getting paid for each one, well I for one am not complaining. 

Some of the downsides to Apple Music: 

  1. If you don’t have good unlimited Wifi then I don’t suggest you try it. It will chew up your data before you can blink. 
  2. The integration with your “Music” button on your phone is very confusing. I still haven’t worked out exactly when and how I can transfer music from my own music collection and still have access to streaming at the same time. 
  3. The social networking aspect of Apple Music “Connect” seems to be a bit of a fail. 
  4. Apple tend to change things willy-nilly. Sometimes a feature that you use often simply disappears or is moved the next time you update OS. While this is very irritating, you can generally ask Google and somebody will have hit the same snag and will have an answer for you. 
  5. It is obviously not free (like Youtube and a lot of other sites that my teenage daughter seems to know about). You have to listen to quite a bit of music to make it worth the subscription. 
  6. You don’t own the music. If your favourite artist decides to remove his music from iTunes and you will no longer have access to it.
Let me know some of YOUR pros and cons of Apple music (or streaming in general).